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    Tales to reconnect with the mythic voice of the Earth 

    Our imagination has the power to guide us in rethinking our relationship with nature, something which has never been more necessary than now. Inspired by the honeybees, those precious creatures whose survival results in the pollination of our ecosystem, HONEYWEAVERS is a questioning of the role we humans play in the natural world. It is time to reconsider our stories, to encourage our imaginations to rise from the cocoon and begin the work of re-pollinating our world both from within and from without, until we have healed ourselves and the place we hold on this planet. 



    'The honeyweaver’s life is dedicated to creation; they say we were born of honey and Pachamama’s tears when she despaired for the wellbeing of the earth.'

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    tales from...

    Enter a world of folklore and legend, of tales to take the reader into a deep exploration of nature’s mysteries, to awaken the mythic imagination and find that human self-discovery is inextricably woven in with the enchanting voices of the earth


    For people of all ages, to sit and listen to a story in the old oral tradition is an experience both fleeting and deeply grounding, a chance to see our beautiful world through childish eyes, and permit the imagination to find its voice. This is the time to pause in our busy lives and pay homage to something archaic, something untamed.

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